Best Home Depot Portable Air Conditioner – Honeywell, Blaux and Buying Guide 2020


The Honeywell and Blaux Portable Air Conditioner At Home Depot are the perfect unit to help with the summer heat.

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The Honeywell portable air conditioner lines offer good quality and the best features of any major home depot portable air conditioner brand With the ability to both cool and dehumidify large areas it can provide long lasting relief. Also, thanks to the auto-evaporation system you can enjoy hours of uninterrupted relief without buckets to empty or water to drain.. Price ranges from the middle of the pack to fairly expensive for the top models.

  • Adjustable temperature from 16 to 32 degrees
  • 3 functions: cooling, fan and dehumidification
  • Programmable timer for 24-hour energy saving
  • Portable design to allow for use where needed
  • Very quiet during operation
  • Some window kit assembly required – see the user manual for more information

This Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Review explains the features and performance each Honeywell series offers – things like dehumidification mode, self-evaporation and convenience features. Honeywell portable air conditioner prices are included too.

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Did you know?

Our complete Best Portable Air Conditioner and Guide is full of detail and information about portable air conditioners, their costs, features to consider and how to choose the right one for your purposes.

Plus, we’ve completed home depot portable air conditioner reviews like this Honeywell review, Best portable ac Blaux review on Haier, DeLonghi, LG, Hisense, Frigidaire, Whynter and other top brands. They make it easy to compare brands, prices, features and more.

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Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Features

All models have important features that improve performance, offer convenience and make your home more comfortable.

These features, in addition to Air Conditioning mode are:

  • Dehumidification Mode (explained below)
  • Evaporative Mode, so no drain buckets (More information below)
  • 24-hour programmable timer
  • Full-function remote
  • Caster wheels
  • R410A refrigerant.

R410A is better than discontinued R22, but it has a higher global warming potential (GWP of 2088) compared to R32 (GWP of 675) refrigerant which is being used in some portable air conditioner models like the LG LP19IVSM portable AC.

Here is an home depot portable air conditioner overview of the Honeywell portable AC models. Explanations of key features follow.

Most portable ACs are pretty similar, but the Blaux Portable AC delivers better cooling performance than other models, yet it uses less energy, makes less noise, and can dial in a more precise comfort level than other models.

The difference is in its dual-rotor, DC-powered compressor, a contrast to the alternating current found on most air conditioners. Rather than running only at max speed or nothing, the Blaux Portable AC can operate at a continuously variable speed, so the unit has a lot more flexibility in how it reaches a desired temperature in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions.

The Blaux Portable AC had the lowest volume measurements on any machines we tested, and other nice (but not unique or essential) features—like compatibility with Google Home or Amazon Alexa, smartphone control via Blaux Portable AC’s app, and a remote—give you a lot of options for how to operate it.

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1. Heat

The HL14CHESW and MM14CHCS series units provide heat pump heating. This means that the same technology that pumps heat out of your home in hot seasons can pump heat into your home in cold weather. The direction of the refrigerant is reversed to accomplish this.

Keep in mind that this is designed for supplemental heat in most homes. Unless you live in a warm climate that only needs heating help a few days of the year, this unit won’t replace a central heat source like a split system heat pump, mini split heat pump or gas furnace.

Benefit: Heat pump heating is much more efficient than heating with a space heater.

If you live in a cold climate and there are rooms in your home that stay chilly even when the central heat is running, then a heat pump portable air conditioner will pay for itself compared with buying a space heater and using electric resistance heat.

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2. Dehumidification Mode (all models)

Does your home ever feel damp? This happens mostly in high-humidity areas during cool weather. On days like that, drier air is nice, but you wouldn’t want cooler air. In AC mode, heat is taken from the air by the refrigerant. It is exhausted to the outside, with the effect that your home gets cooler.

In dehumidification mode, the compressor and refrigerant work the same. The ACs coil gets cold, and moisture in the air is condensed onto it and evaporated out the exhaust hose.

Benefit: This reduces the humid “cool and clammy” feeling.

However, the heat that is removed from the air is directed by into your home, so there is no cooling effect.

3. Automatic Evaporation (all models)

As noted, moisture is pulled from the air in AC and dehumidifier modes.

Benefit: Convenience – and the unit won’t shut off (or worst-case, leak) if a condensate bucket gets full.

Instead of it draining into a bucket that you have to empty, these units evaporate the moisture and send it out the exhaust hose. This adds convenience to the units.

4. Timer

This feature offers more than convenience. It can help you reduce energy use and cost too.

Benefit: Set the timer, so that the unit doesn’t run longer than you intend it to. It can be frustrating to forget to turn off the AC and realize it is cooling or heating space that nobody is using.

Features Not Available on Haier Portable ACs

There are two features we like to see on a portable air conditioner. The first is more important; the second offers convenience and efficiency.

1. Dual Hose Systems

A single-hose system is less efficient than a dual hose model. Why?

Because it pulls in warm and possibly humid air from outside. How?

When a single-hose portable AC exhausts warm air out the hose, the pressure in your home drops slightly. Air is drawn in through drafty doors or windows or gaps in the siding/sheathing. So, as hot air is expelled, a little bit more is pulled in. The net effect is to cool your home, but efficiency drops.

A dual hose system doesn’t exchange outdoor air for indoor air. Instead, the unit pulls warm air into the AC, cools it and pushes it back into your home.

The two hoses pull in outside air to cool the compressor and refrigerant. The air cycles in one hose, gathers heat and humidity, and exhausts it out the second hose. There is a slight warming affect. And it does reduce absolute efficiency, but not nearly as much as single-hose performance.

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2. WiFi or Smart Technology

Several WiFi portable air conditioners are available including the DeLonghi PACEL276HGRFK and the Hisense AP1419CW1G have WiFi connectivity and/or can be controlled by voice using Alexa, Google Assistant and similar smart systems.

Efficiency Ratings for Portable ACs

When you select any model from the Honeywell portable AC page, the info page lists two efficiency ratings.

For example, the Honeywell HL12CESWW page states the model’s efficiency as:

  • 12,000 BTU (ASHRAE-128 Standard) / 6500 BTU (DOE 2017 Standard)

12,000 is almost 100% more powerful than 6,500, so why the difference?

ASHRAE, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, has always tested ACs for efficiency.

Their 12,000 BTU rating measures how much heat a portable AC removes from your home per hour.

It does not factor in that single-hose systems pull in heat as they exhaust heat. Even two-house systems are less efficient than a window AC or split and mini split ACs.

The US Department of Energy, or DOE, recognizes that portable air conditioners waste some of that efficiency by pulling in warm air. So, the DOE tests the BTUs exhausted plus the BTUs of heat pulled in for a more accurate picture of total efficiency.

Home Depot Portable Air Conditioner Model Comparison

small portable air conditioner reviews

Most brands make portable ACs at different quality and price levels to attract the full range of consumers.

For example, if you live in a warm climate, you want a top-of-the-line model.

In cool climates where AC isn’t as crucial, then a more affordable unit, maybe with fewer features, is OK.

Let’s look at Honeywell units in this light.


Honeywell MO and MN Series. The last two lines of the table above show these models.

Pros: Dehumidification and Evaporation features, timer and remote. Their prices are lower, more competitive.

Cons: The efficiency for the MO series isn’t listed. This likely means it isn’t very efficient. The efficiency of the MN series is lower than most others listed. This means the units require more energy to produce the same amount of cooling.

Best Use: Anywhere the unit won’t get heavy use. In a northern climate or if you simply won’t use the AC a lot, then it’s worth saving money on the cost of the unit vs. slightly lowering energy costs.

However, if your first commitment is energy conservation, then these aren’t your best option.


MM14CCS (no heat) and MM14CHCS (heat). These are the same units except that one offers heat for $40 more.

Pros: All the features of top models and good efficiency too. These Honeywell portable ACs offer the best value, in our opinion, if you’ll use the unit frequently.

Cons: They are only offered in 14,000 BTU units, and that might be too much cooling if your room is significantly less than 500 square feet.

Best Use: Moderate to warm/hot climates. home depot portable air conditioner The unit with heat is a good choice where winters get pretty chilly and you find that your central heating system needs a little help at times.


The HL10/12/14CESW and the HL14CHESW are identical models except that the first is available in three sizes and the second is available only in 14K BTUs and it has heat.

Pros: Efficient cooling (and heating). The AC-only models are available in 3 sizes to suit your needs. They remove more humidity than the other options too.

Cons: Higher price.

Best Use: They are ideal for areas with extreme heat (and chilly winters, for the model with heat mode). It’s worth paying more for the unit because you’ll recoup the cost through lower energy bills – and your space will be more comfortable too.

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